Ok, I LOVE the newest trend!!! You see it everywhere on clothes, pillows, décor, anything and everything.  It is all over the place and living in Arizona it has the right to be.  The cactus is that amazing thing of beauty that you literally can’t touch (haha I crack myself up).  One time the jumping cactus got me during a photoshoot and let’s just say it wasn’t so fun. Anyhow,  It is a staple in our desert landscape and has every right to be.  It is a thing of beauty.

So to jump back on topic. I had the privilege to photograph a special baby shower at the Arrowhead Golf Course.  The amount of work and preparation that went into this shower was a labor of love.  Traci Barrett a thriving makeup artist in Los Angeles, CA.  She is the expectant mama to be. Traci and Chris came home to celebrate with her closest friends and family.   Traci and Chris were beyond thrilled with everything and it was written all over their face. The best was the surprise visit from Chris’s parents that came across the country to be a part of this special moment with them.  Tears friends, lots of tears.

First let’s talk about the details. The mom and dad to be wanted it to be a family event.  Kids and husbands were encouraged to attend.  Since guys were part of the show they had a bar and golf going on in the background (that checks off the first box).  Due to the mixed genders and kids being involved Jacqueline ( Best Friend/ Party Host) & lovely mom Lori decided that games were out and crafts were in.  Seriously genius.  I have not seen everyone so involved at a baby shower. It was amazing.  They provided wood blocks, onesies, and bibs to be designed and decorated for baby Payson to be sported around LA.   Who knows maybe someone famous will spot one and she will make millions! That would be awesome.

Obviously, social media is part of our lifestyle and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  Before the shower there was a text message going around.  It gave the family a chance to be a part of the shower before they even arrived and boosted some excitement.  They were creating a hashtag for the new baby.  How clever right?! Everyone submitted their ideas and it was posted the day of the shower.  Anyone that took photos could use that hashtag to share their version of the day.  They are starting a online journal for the baby before she even makes her appearance. I love it since I can’t give it out on the internet I will just say it is pretty awesome.

The cake was created with love from one of the mom’s clients. As you can see from the photos it was beautiful as well as delicious.  It was a white cake with a creamy butter frosting filled with amazing raspberry goodness. Not to name any names but several people had to go back for seconds.  If you are in need of cake that will impress and defiantly not disappoint contact Rachelle Yoder in Arizona.

There was  a beautiful backdrop to photograph guest as they arrived. There was a lovely sign in table.  Feathers, succulents, cactus, mimosas and a taco bar.  They did this one right!!

Congratulations to Chris and Traci. We can’t wait to meet baby P.

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