You would have never even known that there was a black rain cloud sitting above us during the entire session. It was the end of April in Queen Creek, Arizona… and this NEVER happens. We had planned this session with white pants and light colored clothes.  Oh and lets just quickly mention the fact that we were shooting sand and dirt! Yep! White pants, sand, dirt & rain. In theory we should have rescheduled, but we all decided to cross our fingers and roll the dice. We walked to the location and once we were in the tree’s the fear disappeared. The rain cloud was still there but we didn’t even notice them. The family was ready and I had a job to do.

The Carrasco family, the dynamic trio. We had a blast together but then again it is never a dull moment with this crew around. Brandon, Jenny & Cameron were up for anything and everything I threw their way with a smile on their face.14 22

And then it happened.  I realized that there are two types of men in this world. There is the man that will see a tree and remember back to his childhood of climbing trees and being adventurous. Then there is the boy who never wanted to mess up his shoes.

Lets just say that Brandon is the guy that kept a piece of that little boy with him.  Once he saw that tree I could see in his eyes what was about to happen next.

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The best part of this adorable family is the way they love each other. Brandon would walk on water for his girls and if he fell in they would be right there to save him.

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Gilbert, Az have no fear when the when the Carrasco’s are near! Sweet family by day, ninjas by night.97

Thank you for letting me capture a tiny piece of your history.  I’ll see you soon!

Oh just in case you were wondering the rain God’s were with us that day.  We were literally loading up to leave and the tyrannical down pour started that lasted ALL DAY LONG. You know what it may have become my favorite time to take photos. Maybe it was because I didn’t have the Arizona sunshine on us or maybe it was because the laughter didn’t stop? One thing I learned was no matter what the situation is like it is all about attitude and what you make of it..

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  1. Lovely photos. I am looking around for a Gilbert family photographer for this fall. Are you available?

    • Yes Heather I would love to work with you and your family. Just send me a your information through my contact form and we can chat!

  2. Wow these are stunning!!!! I knew you were an amazing Photographer but these family portraits are incredible.. I wish I was closer to Gilbert

  3. So cute! Love your style! My sister is looking for a photographer to take photos of her family in Gilbert. Giving her your info!

  4. Love how connected the family is to each other. I know that means they are comfortable in front of the camera. You are a wonderful family photographer and Gilbert AZ is lucky to have you. Well done!

    • Sarah, that is such a sweet comment! I really hope that all of my clients are comfortable in front of my camera. Sometimes it takes a few minutes but we always find our groove. Thank you so much!

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