They run, they laugh, and they play.  They see life the way that we did. They are taken care of and their souls are pure. They breath fast because they are always on the go and smile big. They have magic in their eyes and believe in super heros. Their sparkle shines and I wait for it to happen.

Family pictures are so important and I love the entire challenge.  My guess would be that 99% of people really don’t like having photographs done.  Especially during football season (dads). My goal during every session is to make it more of a relaxing setting and go with the natural flow of how your family interacting.  I will pose you a little bit but honestly my best work is when I find the connection and capture that.  I love when I sit back down with my clients after the photo shoot is completed and the photos have been edited.  The dad says something like “that seemed like such an ordinary moment but it is my family”.

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